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Associated Urologists of Orange County
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Dr. Garo M. Tertzakian MD
Dr. Matthew L. Greenberger MD
Dr. William F. Pearce MD

Associated Urologists of Orange County

Doctors specializing in Urology with expertise in incontinence, bladder suspension ("bladder lift") and urethral sling procedures, kidney stones, no needle no scalpel vasectomy, vasectomy reversal,laparoscopy and laparoscopic kidney and prostate surgery, prostate diseases including prostate cancer and enlarged prostate (BPH), cryoablation (or cryotherapy) of prostate and kidney, robotic (da Vinci) prostate surgery. Associated Urologists of Orange County strive to be the best urology doctors in the Orange County area.  Urologists upholding AUA Best Practice Guidelines.

Adult and pediatric urology, urologic surgery, in Orange County, California
serving Anaheim, Garden Grove, Irvine, Orange, Santa Ana and Tustin.

Our office accepts most major insurance including Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Cigna, Health Net, Pacificare, United Health, Medicare.

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Welcome to Associated Urologists of Orange County.

We know men are nervous when they are considering a vasectomy, and that men and their partners have questions about vasectomy before deciding to actually come in. 

Many men "chicken out" before their fist office visit, and others schedule a vasectomy, only to get cold feet the day of the procedure.

Our goal is to help you through this process.

Most men are looking for a vasectomy doctor with experience, and a vasectomy doctor who keeps up with the latest advances.  We strive to be the best vasectomy doctors in Orange County.

Each of our doctors perform approximately 150 vasectomies per year.

We are proud to be among the first vasectomy doctors to start using the innovative
No Needle variation of the No Scalpel Vasectomy.

Please explore our other pages for more information on No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy and vasectomy reversal.  You can also read more about our doctors training and interests.

Many common questions are also answered on the "Fears and Concerns" page.
Best No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy and vasectomy reversal in Orange County California