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How long is the procedure for a No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy?

In our experience with over 300 cases per year, most vasectomies are completed in under 10 minutes.

Will it hurt?

Very little.   We use an innovative No Needle technique. It greatly reduces the pain of a vasectomy, since you will not have a shot in the scrotum.  It feels more like a rubber band being snapped against the skin.  The anesthesia takes effect almost immediately.   As soon as this takes effect, you should feel no pain. Afterwards, you will be sore for about 3 - 5  days. The discomfort is usually less with the no scalpel technique because there is less injury to the tissues. There are no stitches.

When can I resume my usual activities (sports, sex, working out, etc.)?

Usually in 3 to 5 days.  BUT SEE HOW YOU ARE RECOVERING FIRST.
You should take off about 4 days after your vasectomy. Men often have their vasectomies on Friday so they can take it easy over the weekend and go back to work the following Monday.
Men who do heavy physical labor or a lot of sports may need up to a week to heal before returning to all regular activities. Remember that this is surgery. It normally takes the body 2-3 weeks to fully recover from minor surgery. The first 4 days seem to set the stage on how well or how poorly you will do in those 2-3 weeks.  Some men feel so good after their procedure that they do too much. Walking, lifting, sports, sex TOO SOON can cause bleeding and more pain and swelling, and make your recovery longer than if you just take it easy to begin with.

When can I start having sex again?

As soon as you are comfortable and the pain and swelling has gone away (usually 3 - 5 days).  Remember to use some other kind of birth control until we prove that the vasectomy has been effective. It is important to continue to use some form of birth control until you have a follow up semen analysis showing that there are no sperm in the semen.

Will I be sterile right away?

After a vasectomy, there are always some active sperm left in your system. It takes about 20 to 30 ejaculations to clear them. For most men this is approximately 3 to 6 months. You and your partner must use some other form of birth control until your doctor tests your semen and tells you it is free of sperm.

How effective is a vasectomy?

More effective than oral contraceptive pills and more effective than a tubal ligation.
Only 0.2 - 0.5 % of vasectomies fail.  While taking "the Pill" 1 - 2% of couples will get pregnant.  A tubal ligation (having a woman's "tubes tied") has a similar failure/pregnancy rate of 1 - 2%.

What happens to the sperm?

Not Much.
Sperm cells are still produced.  After a few weeks, they die and are recycled.  Testosterone is still made. It is secreted directly in to the blood stream and is not affected by vasectomy.

Can a No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy be reversed?

You should go into a vasectomy considering it permanent.  If you aren't sure about a vasectomy, wait until later when you know that you definitely do not want to have any more children.   Reversal operations are available, but rarely covered by insurance.  The reversal procedure is about 70 - 80 % effective if done in the first 5 years after your vasectomy.

Will sex be better (or worse) after a vasectomy?

There should be no change (neither better nor worse) after your vasectomy. Some couples feel more relaxed after the vasectomy because they are no longer worried about an unplanned/unwanted pregnancy.

Will a vasectomy change my sex life / testosterone / manliness?

NO.  None of these things will be affected. A vasectomy blocks the sperm cells from getting from the testicles to the prostate, where the fluid part of semen is made. That's all it does. It will not affect the production of hormones that occur in the testicles, which are released directly into the blood stream. Vasectomy doesn't cause hair loss, loss of muscles, loss of sexual desire, erection problems, ejaculation problems, climax problems or a change in your voice.

Can I store my sperm?

You can contact any local fertility clinic if you want to store sperm "just in case."

Will having a vasectomy protect me from getting/passing on STDs or AIDS?

Having a vasectomy will only help prevent you from making your partner pregnant. If you or your partner have a sexual disease of any kind or have more than one sexual partner, the best way to protect yourself and your partner is to use a condom.

Is vasectomy/No Scalpel Vasectomy/No Needle Vasectomy safe?

Vasectomy in general is safe and simple. Vasectomy is an operation and all surgery has some risks, such as bleeding, bruising, and infection. But serious problems usually do not happen.
The risks are as follows:
  • Hematoma (bleeding in the scrotum) approximately 1/2%
  • Infection (especially if there is a hematoma) approximately 1/2%
  • Sperm granuloma (small lumps that form when sperm leaks from the vas into surrounding tissue) approximately 1%
  • Failure of the vasectomy approximately 0.2%. This means vasectomies are 99.8% effective. There is, unfortunately, nothing 100% in medicine.
  • Post-vasectomy pain syndrome. This is a very rare condition (approximately 1 in 10,000) where you develop chronic pain, like someone continually pulling on your testicles. If this happens good, supportive underwear can sometimes be effective. If this doesn't work then some men need a reversal of the vasectomy.

Does vasectomy cause any other medical problems (such as prostate cancer)?

Most medical experts, including special panels convened by the National Institutes of Health and by the World Health Organization, have concluded that vasectomy is a safe procedure. There have been many studies including many thousands of men that have examined the health effects of vasectomy. The body of research evidence at this time continues to be reassuring and suggests that men who have vasectomies (no matter what kind) are no more likely than other men to develop heart disease, prostate cancer, or any other illnesses.

How effective is a vasectomy?

It is more effective than tubal ligation and oral contraceptives. It is 99.5 - 99.8% effective (there is nothing 100% in medicine).

Can't my wife just have her tubes tied?

While the risks of a tubal ligation is small, the potential complications are more serious than the potential complications of a vasectomy. Vasectomy is SAFER, EASIER, FASTER, AND HAS MUCH LESS RECOVERY than a female tubal ligation procedure.

How much does a No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy cost?

Insurance usually covers most of the procedure. Please check with your insurance carrier about your actual cost.  For patients paying for the procedure themselves, we charge $800.

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